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Find Out How Xtracted Laboratories Helped Shape WA’s Legal Market

Images via Xtracted Instagram

Xtracted Laboratories are one of the OG’s when it comes to Washington’s legal cannabis market. Back in 2012 they began operating in the heart of Seattle by a group of cannabis producers with vast experience. Their goal was to focus on shaping the burgeoning industry positively and effectively. They actually were working very closely with state and local officials to form what ultimately became the rules for adult recreational use in Washington state.

As sensible regulation was coming into place, Xtracted had agencies such as the Department of Labor and Agriculture, the LCB, and all of the state’s Fire Marshals visit their lab. Through these visits Xtracted was able to lend notable influence to the overall endeavor of legalization. As a brand, they’ve truly put themselves in a position as industry leaders by their actions alone. Founder Ryan Abernathy has become a notorious figure in the industry, and has gone on to share these experiences on several state advisory panels. Some of these include MJ Biz Con, High Times Cups, as well as literary contributions to Leafly, Dope Magazine, and more.

Through pioneering some of the standard practices for producing quality cannabis products early on, Xtracted continues to stay on top. In one of the original legal markets for cannabis they remain in a position of high respect for good reason—they make super dank concentrates. Their mantra of “safe for the processor, safe for the patient” shines through on every brain-melting extraction they create.

Refine Concentrates

From their labs you’ll find some of the states most sought after brands for extractions. They’re home to the extremely popular Refine, as well as Refine Distillates, and Northwest Concentrates. Ask any one of our budtenders about their favorite Refine oil they’ve been smoking on lately. They’re sure to immediately rattle off at least three quality products worth trying. By working with some of the leading cannabis producers in Washington, Refine consistently keeps it fresh with new collaborations. Some argue their collabs with Cultivar and Royal Tree Gardens are the best.

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