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Weed 101: Where It All Started And How Cannabis Is Thriving Today


With cannabis further settling itself into mainstream culture, the age-old question has been resurfacing…where does cannabis really come from? Where did it all really start? Welcome to your cannabis 101 class.

This is a plant that has been freely growing throughout most major parts of the world since essentially the dawn of time. Your idea of the stoner today may become skewed by the following historical facts. Because at first, it wasn’t even about smoking it…it was just a very durable, easily found in the wild fabric used for some of the first woven clothing.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The history of cannabis is vast and contributes in so many ways to the way things have been going in recent years with legalization. We think it’s important to remember where it all started, while moving forward with the diversity of cannabis culture today. Not to mention the wide array of products hitting our shelves constantly! For this reason we’ve given you a quick “cannabis 101” tutorial to fill in all the gaps.

Cannabis 101

The Beginning

Chinese medicine cites the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes as far back as around 1,500 BCE. Stories muse of a mythical emperor that discovered his love for cannabis in 2,700 BCE, then archeological discoveries unearthed someone’s stash of prime flower from 700 BCE! By this time the Chinese had a word for cannabis flower, “ma,” and a word for the leafy green petals, “Mafen.”

Spreading through the Greeks and Romans, then to the Islamic empire in to North America, cannabis tends to travel. By 1545 it was well-spread in to the western hemisphere after the precious plant was imported to Chile by Spaniards for use as a sturdy fiber.

Weed Enters The Modern Era

Under the taxonomy system developed by Carl Linnaeus in 1753 still under strict use to this day—he found a name. Taking the Greek root “Kannabis,” and changing only the K to a C, and then choosing “sativa,” to further classify the flower from a botanical term meaning “cultivated.”

In his Encyclopédie méthodique: Botanique, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck was the pioneer in separating the plant into two distinct species. From his detailed descriptions of the difference in European cannabis sativa and Indian cannabis indica it created the fundamental foundation for the rise in public awareness in the difference of species. From essentially the dawn of civilized society cannabis has been present to provide either food, shelter, warmth, medicine, or a good time to any one that chose to make use of its ready aid.


With legalization, and the rapid expanse in the industry over the last decade including medical— the world of weed is growing quickly. There are many different ways to benefit from the variety of products available at Diamond Green. We have several products that are both cutting-edge, and quickly becoming favorites of regular cannabis consumers. These are products enjoyed by young, and old people for their discreetness, as well as holistic nature in naturally providing pain relief.

Portable Vaporizers

We carry two very reliable brands of vaporizers at Diamond Green—the AiroPro, and PAX Vapes. These little things produce big smoke, that doesn’t smell like weed! All of the cartridges for these vapes are either CO2 concentrates, or distillates, so high THC but no skunky smell. They both run for around $40 and many of our older customers have remarked at how discreet both devices are, and how they can freely smoke them on the street without a passing glance.


Cannabis was originally used as a salve by medicine men to ease bodily pain and digestion problems. Green Revolution makes a Muscle Melt Gel that captures that formula to a T. This stuff contains 150mg of THC and CBD and has a warming effect and all natural ingredients.

This gel is super fast-acting and is making a lot of older customers toss aside their Icy Hot and BioFreeze. Muscle Melt Gel is one of the strongest topicals on the market for joint and muscle pain relief, and it does its job well.


Edibles have been around for a long time, even in the 60’s and 70’s. But the science behind edibles today is crazy. You can find a hard candy, brownie, cookie, or even THC infused-salt! The options available today are bountiful, and many customers young and old enjoy an edible amidst their day-to-day, or as dessert to settle your full stomach. We recommend any of the edibles from Northwest Cannabis Solutions such as their Marmar’s soft candies.

Take a peek inside NWCS’s “Magic Kitchen,” one of the most thriving cannabis kitchens in Washington!

Legalization in several states has caused a boom in cannabis innovation over the past decade. The ways to consume cannabis in recent years are starting to seem more like what it was used for originally—medicine. The rise in popularity of topicals, edibles, and tinctures has given weed a new face that many people in the 35-65-year-old age group are finding uplifting.

Was this Cannabis 101 information helpful? Let us know in the comments.

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