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Washington Places Emergency Ban On All Flavored Vape Cartridges

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On September 27th, Washington’s Governor Jay Inslee made an executive order calling for an emergency ban on all flavored vape products until the New Year. WA’s Department of Health has responded by issuing the emergency ban outlawing all vape cartridges whether they be THC or nicotine if they have a “characterizing flavor.” WAC 246-80-010 is now in effect stating that all vape cartridges that are not flavored with tobacco, or with terpenes derived from the cannabis flower to be taken away immediately.

This decision came not long after the state also made the decision to up the legal age for vape products to 21 in January 2020. The U.S. is in a state of panic as over a thousand cases of this lung illness from vaping have arisen, with the death toll now at 18. This emergency ban aligns with the rest of the nation’s concern for further investigation of the ingredients inside vape carts. Vitamin E oil, as well as other additives, have come under fire as the potential harmful causes. Despite the further investigation, Governor Jay Inslee has still said that “we don’t have evidence at the moment that the flavoring chemistry itself if the reason for the disease.”

Photo by lucas clarysse on Unsplash

Either way, this new emergency ban is going to hurt a lot of small i-502 cannabis brands that can’t afford this level of compliance and product testing. Many brands don’t have the budget or the biomass necessary to use cannabis-derived terpenes alone. Some resort to using terpenes from fruit or other plants. The new code describes what a “characterizing flavor” is for one of these illicit vapes. It will have a “distinguishable taste or aroma, or both, other than the taste or aroma of tobacco or marijuana or a taste or aroma derived from terpenes or terpenoids derived directly and solely from marijuana or hemp plants that have been grown and tested as required by state law, imparted by a vapor product.”

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