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Twelve Cannabis Products To Try For The Fall Holiday Season


The rain has returned to the pacific northwest and the fall season is in full force. This is the best time of year to try a bunch of new cannabis products under a blanket with the glow of the fireplace filling the room. Diamond Green’s shelves are full of cannabis flower, concentrates, edibles and drinks that will satisfy any possible cannabis craving you have.

12 Cannabis Products To Try For The Fall Season


Candyland is one of the best Cookies strains ever created. Granddaddy Purple and Bay Platinum Cookies were bred together and it created a purple flower that creates vibrant cerebral effects with a mild body high. Also known as Candyland Cookies, this strain is a fan favorite because it looks beautiful through a jar and smells exactly how a Cookies strain should smell. That smell is a sweet, almost vanilla aroma with strong earthy kush on the back end.

Diamond Green Exclusive is a strain bred by Khush Kush exclusively for Diamond Green.

Frankenstein is a heavy indica strain perfect for Halloween. This strain has an earthy and floral terpene profile that leads to heavy sedation and relaxing effects. Wikileaf speculates the possible genetic lineage of this strain could be a descendant of OG Kush or some kind of Maui Waui cross.

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Orgrow EHO is an economic brand of concentrates that doesn’t skimp on the terps. EHO or ethanol hash oil isn’t commonly found on the recreational market, but that shouldn’t dissuade you from giving it a shot. EHO comes in sticky crumble texture that’s full over flavor and effect. Some of their crumbles come in at over 80 percent cannabinoids and two percent terpenes. Orgrow EHO won’t break the bank at $25 per gram.

Twelve Cannabis Products To Try For The Fall Holiday Season

Lodi Dodi Honey Crystal from Oleum Extracts and Soulshine Cannabis is one of the best concentrate collaborations on the market. Lodi Dodi is a sativa cannabis strain created from breeding  Trainwreck and Haze phenotypes together. Oleum converted this sweet citrus tasting strain into their honey crystal wax, which as the texture of wet sand with granules that shine in the light. Dabs of Lodi Dodi will give the user strong racy sativa effects.

Mammoth Labs creates their concentrates in the beautiful Kittitas County. Their BHO comes with some of the most interesting terpene profiles on the market. Strains like Mind Fiesta, White Apocolypto, Super Pink Skunk, and Exodus Cheese can be found under their unmistakable sticky mammoth logo. These $30 grams pack BHO containing terpene percentages usually ranging from five to 15 percent.


Sinners & Saints hard candies come in a multitude of flavors like butterscotch or strawberry. These candies are great to suck on at the movie theatre for a discreet cannabis boost. These come in THC and CBD/THC options.

Couch Potatoes are also made by Botanica Seattle. These chocolates feature a potato chip center, making for a salty and sweet treat that’s not like any other. Each piece features 10-milligrams of THC.

Spot Chocolate from Botanica Seattle is a cannabis-infused high-end chocolate. Spot edibles come in indica, sativa, and hybrid options just like the flower does. This allows the user to enjoy edible cannabis during all kinds of situations, whether you need to grease the social wheels or relax after work. Each piece has 10-milligrams of THC.

Cannabis Infused Beverages

The Moss Cow Mule ginger beer comes from Evergreen Herbal. This sweet beverage comes in 30 and 100-milligram dosage options.

Stony Mountain Rootbeer is a root beer that gets you stoned, what more do I need to say. It comes in 100-milligram dosage options, so be mindful before just downing an entire bottle.

Potshotz allows you to infuse any beverage with cannabis. These single serving packets can be shaken or stirred easily.

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