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Three Indisputably Fire Strains From Craft Grower—Treehawk Farms


Out in the serene foothills of the Olympic Mountains sits a picturesque two hundred acre farm—this is Treehawk Farms. This family run farmland has a historical background as being originally home to the Chimacum Dairy farm. The realities of the increasingly unstable market made this farm close its doors to dairy production in 2002. Instead of calling it quits Jason Olsen’s family made the decision to take the land that’s been in their family for generations and cultivate something a little different.

Realizing the property’s potential for legal cannabis growing, the Olsen family took the farm in a new direction. It was still built on past knowledge, but also utilizing sustainable agricultural technologies of the present and future. Treehawk Farms is able to bring consistent, and noticeable quality to their cannabis offerings, with unique genetics and terpene-rich yields. In the garden, during the drying and curing process, and even in packaging—Treehawk Farms is there with attention to detail and a lot of love.

In addition to growing indisputably fire cannabis, Treehawk also does a killer job on their concentrates. Be sure to have a look through our Live Menu to learn more. But for now, learn more about these three strains from Treehawk Farms that will send you soaring up in the clouds.

Three Potent Strains From Treehawk Farms

Candyland Cookies

Treehawk brought together two classics to create this intriguing strain. Crossing Grandaddy Purple with Bay Platinum Cookies produces this sweet, yet earthy tasting indica-dominant hybrid. This is the perfect strain for social gatherings as it has a strong uplifting quality.

Sunset Fire

The growers at Treehawk made a perfectly balanced 50/50 hybrid with their inhouse Sunset Sherbet strain. After crossing it with an Afghan male it produces a result that more than does the trick. This strain is perfect for smoking throughout the day to stay stoney, yet full of energy. You’ll notice the smoke on this is super smooth, with a slight hint of cherry vanilla in the flavor.

Chocolate Thai

Be on the lookout for this rare sativa strain from Treehawk Farms—Chocolate Thai. The euphoric effects of this Thai landrace strain will send you straight to the moon. With a combination of flavors ranging from coffee, to chocolate, earthy, and sweet, this strain is a real treat for any connoisseur of cannabis.

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