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Top 4 Best Selling Concentrates For Spring Currently At Diamond Green

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The coming of spring means getting outside for errands and fun. Forget that, though. Life is for the living, and sometimes that just means binging another season of your favorite show from your cozy abode. Here at Diamond Green, we’re accepting of a variety of lifestyles, and are happy to supply a wide selection of products to enable you to be the best you. 

Dabs are a great way to kick your ass and get lost in the moment. While you can view our live menu to see all sorts of cannabis products, here are our four top-selling concentrates, perfect to get lit with this March!

Jamaican Chocolate Live Resin by Agro Couture

Although sour, rotting berries, might not sound delicious, the musky Jamaican Chocolate mixes them with coffee, incense, and mocha to make for a subtle taste. The strain is a kickass Sativa that will leave you thinking you smoked something much more psychedelic than your typical dab. It’s highly recommended for anyone looking to get stupid lit. 

Panda Berry by Bodhi High Farms

Produced with a holistic mindset Bodhi High Farm’s concentrates taste light and clean. Their Panda Berry concentrate is a rare strain that will get you ready to watch a movie or talk for hours. It’s got an earthy taste with spicey notes and accented by berry. While certainly relaxing, it may keep you up with bursts of uplifting energy. 

Obama Kush Diamonds by Desaus

Taking after the former president, Obama Kush is an aptly named indica strain that combines the best aspects of that term with getting roasted. After taking these dabs you’ll feel ready to give a speech as idealism floods through your mind, and your body relaxes. It’s a strain for winners, calling upon the spirit of one of the greatest Americans. The taste mixes pepper with citrine elements to create a light and fruity accent paired with a full body. It’s a tasty strain that melts pain and stress alike, which makes it perfect to share with friends! 

LA Cheese Shatter by Doc Croc

Finishing off our list is the excellent LA Cheese provided by Doc Croc. This strain will spoil you with hints of fruity cheesy and just a hint of pepper. The lineage of LA Cheese makes it an indica, but it has little resemblance to the typical knock-out. Instead, LA Cheese is invigorating and inspiring for many people, making it an ideal daytime dab to keep mellow on.

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