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Three Artisanal Strains To Try From Craft Cannabis Grower—Gabriel


Gabriel Cannabis produces some of the prettiest looking flower at our shop that comes from sustainable growing practices. Through a truly climate-controlled facility, their attention to detail is nearly untouchable as they ruthlessly seek control of every variable process of growing cannabis. They take it one step further with their cooling system that collects condensation from the curing plants to later reuse for watering. Gabriel’s highly controlled growing environment and practices easily allow them to never need pesticides.

This brand isn’t just growing artisanal cannabis, they’re also curating artisanal glass for their packaging. Their jars are made from (mostly) recycled glass, and their lids made from eco-friendly sourced bamboo. All of this packing is one hundred percent recyclable. Take notice also of their signature “nugnafying” glass on the bottom that lets you get a real close look at the sticky specimen.

Gabriel’s genetics are where they shine, with strains you can’t find anywhere else, and staples that are often grown inadequately. We’ve chosen three strains that fit the bill for both unique genetics, and popular strains right now that they produce on another level of excellence.

Three Artisanal Strains From Gabriel


Gummo is a unique strain you seldom see in the 502 market. A potent hybrid that’s a cross between Bubblegum and Orange Bud, Gummo features an orange, fruity, and sour flavor profile. The effects a user may expect from smoking this strain are a calm, yet euphoric state, that will also alleviate body pain.


This is one of the most popular strains currently on the market and you’ll find a lot of other Cookies strains. Make no mistake, though, Gabriel does this strain true justice. Cookies is an indica-dominant cross between Durban Poison and OG Kush. Their version of this popular strain has ample levels of THC, and flavor ranging from gassy to sweet, and piney. Cookies is also high in CBD.


The Chernobyl from Gabriel has one of the most unique scents to it that is vaguely like a lime-sherbet. Underneath that is an earthy, yet pungent kick to your nostrils that only further entices you to partake. Put in the Top 10 by High Times themselves, Chernobyl is a cross between Train Wreck, Jack the Ripper and Trinity that ends up a 70/30 sativa-dominant hybrid. The high is very cerebral and conducive to heavy-thinking and work.

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