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Try Any Of These 3 Cannabis Infused Beverages To Enhance Your Day


It’s easy to fall prey to the habit of having at least one drink a few nights a week after a long day at work. There’s something about a relaxing beverage as you ease into the couch for a few of your favorite shows before bed. There’s nothing wrong with the act of relaxation and having a beverage to induce such behavior. But, there are several cannabis-infused drinks we stock at Diamond Green that contain enough of a wallop from the combination of THC and CBD to ease any tension.

Infused beverages are steadily becoming a frequent purchase for our customers, especially as the weather improves. Many companies exist currently that are making delicious sodas that contain the right amount of THC and CBD. There are also plenty of beverages that provide varying levels of THC or CBD. The options are only stacking, but we’ve come up with three of our in-store favorite cannabis beverages to talk about today. Learn more about all the products we carry, beverages and beyond, by visiting our live menu.

3 Cannabis Beverages Worth Trying

Wild Side by Green Revolution

You really can’t go wrong with Green Revolution’s line of distillate-infused sodas aptly named, Wild Side. They come in a variety of tasty flavors as well as ratios of THC to CBD. You can find a 30:3, or 10:1 so the options with these drinks are endless for enhancing your day at your own pace.

Orange Cream Pie Soda by Evergreen Herbal

Try Any Of These 3 Cannabis Infused Beverages To Enhance Your DayEvergreen Herbal’s Orange Cream Pie soda is like the cream soda of the cannabis beverage world with an addition of 30mg or 100mg of THC. It goes down super smooth and flavorful, with all the childhood sensibilities intact, but has a nice kick. The kind of kick that kicks your feet up hard on the nearest ottoman for a night of chilling.

Catapult Coffee by Fairwinds

Try Any Of These 3 Cannabis Infused Beverages To Enhance Your DayFairwinds has teamed up with local coffeemaker Paper Tiger roasters operating out of Vancouver, WA to produce a blend with a pleasant addition. This blend of coffee comes sold in convenient pods to pop-in and start your day off on the right foot.

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