Washington’s Flavor Ban On Vape Cartridges Was Lifted Feb. 8

Washington's Flavor Ban On Vape Cartridges Was Lifted Feb. 8

The initial flavor ban that was put on vapes is officially gone in Washington State. As of February 8th, 2020, Washington’s ban on flavored vapes expired. Vitamin E though is still a no-go.

This ban was an emergency 120-day ban enacted by Governor Jay Inslee and Washington State Board of Health. It went into place in reaction to the vaping crisis, which has taken lives nationwide. While flavorings and botanically derived terpenes were banned initially, a few weeks later products including Vitamin E Acetate were banned as well. Products with Vitamin E Acetate will remain banned until March 19th.

While the flavor ban is lifted, Washington authorities are discussing bills that would ban Vitamin E Acetate outright in non-THC vapor products. They’re also discussing whether or not all flavoring other than tobacco flavorings should be banned as well from non-THC vapes. If such legislation is put into place, THC vapor products will likely face similar restrictions. 

Flavor Ban Lifted

Image via @buddiesbrand

The market will require more than a month to fully bounce back from the ban, but it will stabilize as the laws become more clearly outlined. Until then, look out for dispensaries offering fun flavors, and make sure to check them out. Otherwise, vapor products enriched with cannabis-derived terpenes were never included in this ban. So, there’s still a wealth of excellent vapor products available today.

Hopefully, Washington state will put legislation into effect that fights against substances such as Vitamin E Acetate. The CDC believes cases of illness related to the vape crisis are declining. So the worst of it is likely over. But, substances that are linked to such illness shouldn’t be on the market.

While the flavored vaping ban might have been inconvenient for business and consumers, public safety comes first. Thankfully Washington will be able to enjoy flavored vapes soon, but it’s of equal if not greater importance the disease was controlled as much as it was. 

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