Learn More About Useful Tips That May Help You Pass A Drug Test

Learn More About Useful Tips That May Help You Pass A Drug Test

Although cannabis is medically and recreationally legal in several states, and hemp is federally legal, drug tests still firmly exist. While even hemp-derived CBD products may result in testing positive for cannabis, some employers and institutions still use them as if they’re something trustworthy. In so many places across the U.S., you still may need to pass a drug test to get a job.

No matter if you have a cannabis card or not, testing positive for THC can still look bad to some due to the stigma against cannabis use. Learning how to avoid this unfortunate outcome is a paramount lesson for a modern stoner to learn.

Going in without a plan is a gamble. Maybe your genetics will serve you well, or maybe your weed wasn’t even mids, and nothing will show up. However, planning is safe comes down to two strategies: detoxification, and fraud. 

Detoxification As A Strategy To Pass A Drug Test

To properly detoxify the body you’re going to have to make your doctor happy. The best way to help your body get rid of THC is to work with the natural processes that flush out your system. These processes include urination, sweating, and digesting.

Drink Water

First up, you have to drink a lot of water. Like, too much water. Not enough to kill yourself, but well over your average. By hydrating your body incredibly well, you will force yourself to urinate. This process will clean your system of several things, including THC. Additionally, it keeps your body healthy, increasing its ability to deal with foreign substances in general.


Second, exercise is crucial especially for those of us who are sedentary. Our bodies store THC in fat cells. This fact contributes to THC staying in our systems for so long. Burning off that fat is an excellent way to get THC on its way out of your body, and off of your test results.


Finally, diet does wonders for cleaning your body out of THC. While fast-food and junk food drips with fat and ingredients that build it, healthy food helps you keep clean. Additionally, if you can induce a state of ketosis, your body will start to burn fat for energy. If paired with exercise, ketosis is an excellent strategy for getting rid of THC.

Apart from options available in food form, smoke shops and other places may have products that claim to be useful for detoxification. We understand that you need to keep your job, even if you love cannabis just as much as we do. There are different potentially useful kits and drinks available, although a healthy diet and time may be your best bet.

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