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Black Lives Matter! Learn More About Systemic Racism In The Cannabis Industry

Image by Maria Oswalt via Unsplash

Diamond Green is proud to be minority-owned and wholly stands behind the Black Lives Matter movement. The actions currently being taken are necessary to dismantle systemic racism in America. The police need to be held accountable for countless acts of violence and murder. We as a company viciously condemn any and all forms of racism. 

There is no place for such a hateful, poisonous, and prejudiced mentality in any area of our society. Within our own sector of legal cannabis, there exists plenty of systemic racism. These rules and regulations are putting a lot of money into the pockets of white people. Yet they are still landing plenty of BIPOC hefty fines, sentences, and unnerving surveillance. There’s undoubtedly a negative stigma that specifically surrounds cannabis use by Black people and POC. This discrimination goes all the way to the states presenting licenses.

Granting Cannabis Licenses Based On A Point System

In a country where Black people are statistically more prone to getting into legal trouble, the system is already working against them. One of the most blatant examples of the criminal justice system working against Black people is the School-To-Prison Pipeline. In the cannabis industry, anyone given a license has to pass a particular point system. The nature of this point system guarantees denial of anyone with even a couple misdemeanors over the last three years. Anyone with 8 or more points is normally never given a license.

This is one of the ways that the cannabis industry is able to deny applicants that don’t meet their status quo. But, in a country where Black people have ritualistically been denied opportunities to get ahead because of past convictions and are more severely punished by law enforcement than white people by leaps and bounds for similar crimes—the “status quo” is inherently racist.

White Vs. Black Ownership In The Cannabis Industry

There is a glaringly high amount of white ownership in legal cannabis. It’s visibly apparent that the scales are still weighing in favor of the white majority. In the graph above from Marijuana Biz Daily from 2017, white ownership makes up over 81% of the industry. This may be three years ago, but there’s little-to-no chance that the numbers have seen much change. Diamond Green is proud to serve the Tacoma community and forge ahead as a minority-owned business in an industry that still needs a lofty injection of equality. 

We encourage everyone to seek out Black and minority-owned cannabis businesses and show them the support they deserve. Cannabis culture wouldn’t be half of what it is today without the contributions made by Black culture. Whether it be from art, music, film, fashion, or literature. BIPOC deserve the same piece of the cannabis-infused pie like everyone else. Do your part and speak up, seek out information, and stay conscious of the companies you’re supporting with your hard-earned dollars.

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