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Green Labs Creates Award-Winning Confections With Swifts Edibles

Image via Swifts Edibles IG

Out in Raymond, WA the Green Labs team is hard at work creating delicious cannabis-infused edibles through their Swifts Edibles brand. Their team brings over a decade of collective experience in cannabis and culinary industries to create truly unique products. By ensuring consistent flavor and completely accurate dosing in all of their products, Swifts Edibles have become increasingly popular at our store. This is a company that is truly putting their best foot forward to not only create clean cannabis products but also reduce their overall footprint.

Back in 2016, Swifts Edibles took home the 2016 DOPE Cup in Washington for Best CBD Edible with their Green Tea Peppermint CBD Mints. What has set Swifts Edibles apart from other competitive edibles brands is the way they do business. This award-winning brand only uses all-natural ingredients that are low in calories, and sugar-free. In addition to CBD & THC products, they keep everything completely vegan and gluten-free. They also make active efforts to use honey as a natural sweetener in order to help save the honey bees.

Swifts’ Sugar-Free Green Tea Peppermint Mints

Not only do the concoctions from Green Labs’ Swifts Edibles brand taste delicious, but they’re also more than effective. If you’re looking for the perfect infused-goodie to offer you the perfect microdose of cannabis throughout the day—this may be it. Swifts Edibles are handcrafted and given tender love and care that make them consistently perform at a high level.

Some of the most popular products that Swifts is pumping out are their infused truffles. You can purchase these in 10 different flavors, with each containing 100mg of THC. Another artisanal product they offer is their sugar-free tablet-pressed mints. These mints are the perfect icing on the top of a delicious meal that made you so full you need to relax. Find their naturally-sweetened mints in three different flavors: strawberry, passion fruit, and green tea peppermint (CBD option also available for this flavor.)

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