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The Zesty Super Lemon Haze Strain May Energize And Uplift Your Spirits


The Super Lemon Haze strain is a super sativa strain that has become a low-key favorite among stoners across the West Coast. The terpene-rich and colorful cultivar comes from crossing the Lemon Skunk with Super Silver Haze to great effect. The aromas it gives off are diverse, showing off notes of citrus, sweetness, and overall zestiness. The taste of this strain actually translates pretty well from its alluring aromas. It may give you the jolt of energy and uplifting creativity that you’ve been searching for.

Looking at the Super Silver Haze strain, it’s seemingly obvious that it’s a powerful hitter. The coloration on the nugs includes vibrant shades of light green with some almost yellow hues blending in. You’ll see pleasantly orange pistils wriggle their way into the nooks and crannies of the nug. More than anything, you’ll take notice of the almost frosty coating of trichomes across its entire surface. Sticky to the touch, this strain has a powerful smell that shines through no matter the pheno.

Taking a moment to consider the dominant terpenes, it all becomes a little more clear. The top three for the Super Lemon Haze strain are terpinolene, myrcene, and ocimene. What’s crazy is that usually, limonene plays a huge role in delivering lemony and zesty aromas and flavor, but this time it’s terpinolene. 

Super Lemon Haze Strain by Equinox Gardens

Terpinolene is a diverse terpene that can smell like fresh fruit, but also take on sweet and citrus types of aromas. It has the potential to offer a bountifully enlightening high that may totally lift-up your spirits. Myrcene is a classic terpene offering more of the floral and herbaceous notes and potentially lending to the calming and euphoric qualities of the high. Ocimene is another tricky one that doesn’t come up much, but it also offers potentially uplifting effects and adds a minty, fresh, and more sweet herbal notes.

Smoking on some of the Super Silver Haze strain, it may become quickly apparent that it might have taken you straight to cloud nine. The effects of the more sour and tart smoke are potentially energizing and enlivening. Users looking for a potential creative boost or palpable stress relief should consider this commendable strain.

Find The Super Lemon Haze Strain At Diamond Green

Equinox Gardens is the purveyor of a fine cut of the Super Lemon Haze at Diamond Green. They do a phenomenal job at bringing out the favorable terpene profile on this delightful strain. Find eighths of their SLH strain for $40.

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