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Learn More About These Spacey Strains—May The Fourth Be With You!

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Like so many other great holidays that the Coronavirus may glaze over, today is May the Fourth be with you, a vital holiday for Star Wars fans. On this day you have every right to binge through your favorite cannon of the series and blaze up on your favorite spacey cannabis products. There’s no reason that quarantine should have to stop your illustrious nerdy holiday.

We’ve put together a space-inspired strain list of products available at Diamond Green. Like Star Wars, these cannabis products may take you to a galaxy far, far away sooner than you think. Be sure to check our online menu for inventory levels, and feel free to order online for pickup. Stay safe and May the Fourth be with you on this interesting entrance into Spring.

Vortex by Lucky Devil Farms

The Vortex strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that is incredibly potent. This strain may potentially pull you into a new dimension of pure euphoria. It comes from crossing Space Queen with Apollo 13. The result is a deliciously sweet and sour citrus flavor that has almost tropical aromatic accents. This strain won High Times’ Best Sativa in 2010. Lucky Devil Farms does an outstanding job at recreating this award-winning strain.

1g Stardawg by Doghouse

If you’re really looking to go to the stars on this May the Fourth, consider the Stardawg concentrate from Doghouse. Never disappointing on delivering highly flavorful cannabis products, the Stardawg has an earthy piney smell to it. The high that it may potentially give you is uplifting and euphoric.

Learn More About These Spacey Strains—May The Fourth Be With You!

3.5g Elon Musky by Lifted

Take a trip to space with the notorious founder of SpaceX himself. This loud strain boasts many spicy and diesel notes. The Elon Musky strain may provide the fuel you need to make it into space in the blink of an eye. The high that follows may be engaging, stimulating, spacey, yet stress-relieving.

3.5g Klingon by Soulshine

The Klingon strain by Soulshine is nothing to mess around with. This cultivar is a genetic variation on the Romulan strain that potentially boasts some seriously spacey and sedative effects. Be careful how much you smoke of this strain, or else you might wake up from a deep sleep in another galaxy.

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