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The SinMint Cookies Strain Is A Spicy Blast Of Sweet Gas

Image via Freddy’s Fuego

Cookies strains are all the rage within the last couple of years and there have been seemingly countless phenotype variations that have come up. Girl Scout Cookies, or GSC, has become a staple for crossing with other strains to produce heady genetics. One of the more popular phenotypes that have come up is the SinMint Cookies strain. Sin City Seeds have made this one of their signature hybrid strains.

This cultivar came to life by crossing Blue Power with the GSC strain. The result is a powerful blast of spicy and sweet terps that will set you at the perfect balance of lit and fully relaxed. If you search deep enough you’ll notice the slightest hint of mint with this strain lending to its namesake.

SinMint Cookies is one of those genetics that is typically grown for the top shelf. Rich, complex aromas arise from this potent strain to let you know that it’s going to take you to a stoney destination. You’ll notice the buds are dense and dark, but still a pretty vibrant green. The crystals that coat each nug are sparkly and almost make the nugs look frosty. There’s something devilishly sweet about this particular strain. It could be the spicy terps that turn into a gassy sweetness you can’t resist.

Breaking open a nug you can get a smell of some deeper earthy yet floral aromas. This strain’s main terpenes are more than likely some combination of caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene. Despite this being a hybrid strain, it has a lot of the look, feel, and terpene profile of an indica strain that will put you on cloud 9. The undoubtedly strong presence of caryophyllene in this strain makes it great for pain relief, depression, and winding down after a long day.

Find The SinMint Cookies Strain At Diamond Green

If you’re looking for a top-shelf cultivar of the SinMint Cookies strain look no further than Freddy’s Fuego. This Poulsbo-based producer/processor cultivates some of the finest cannabis that lines our shelves. Pick up this strain for $14 a gram at our shop.

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