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The Samoas Strain Has Become One Of The Most Popular Children Of GSC For Its Enlivening Highs And Sweet Herbaceous Stench


The Samoas strain has become a wildly popular child of GSC. By crossing Girl Scout Cookies with the Face Off OG you end up with this wildly tangy and gassy cultivar. Adding another trophy to the Cookies genetic line, Samoas aka Samoa Cookies has all of the visual and aromatic appeals you’ve been looking for. This strain might hit you hard with a pungent spicy lemony flavor that jolts you into an uplifting nirvana. 

Looking at the Samoas strain, it’s gorgeous plain and simple. Its dense, dark, and frosty nugs are a sight to behold. You’ll notice a healthy amount of dark purple wound up in the rich, forest green hues of the nugs. The furry coating of trichomes almost hides the true coloration of the nugs. Dull, yet strikingly orange pistils twist out through the cracks with all of their might. On the nose, the Samoas has an acrid, sour, and lemony aroma. Breaking a nug open will unleash a wave of hoppy diesel that has a tinge of sweet herbs on the resolve.

With no lab data available, one can only make a guess at the dominant terpenes from the Samoas strain’s lineage. Judging from the large presence of limonene and beta-caryophyllene in both its parents, it’s not unfair to assume the Samoas strain boasts these terps too. The sweet and sedative qualities it’s said to have made me think there’s some myrcene in there too. These three terpenes show up a lot in sweet, citrusy, lemony, spicy, and musky indica strains often.

Smoking on some of the Samoas strain, you may notice the sweet lemony flavors have a stress-relieving quality. Meanwhile, the acrid gas of the beta-caryophyllene could be contributing to the luxurious relaxation of this strain in tandem with its naturally high THC levels. Finally, the myrcene could be adding to the herbaceous sweetness of the strain, and might be lending more to its relaxing qualities. Those seeking relief from chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, and depression might find the Samoas strain to be a veritable delight.

The Samoas Strain Has Become One Of The Most Popular Children Of GSC For Its Enlivening Highs And Sweet Herbaceous Stench

Find The Samoas Strain At Diamond Green

Bellingham’s Khush Kush is one of our favorite brands we carry at our dispensary. They’re responsible for hitters such as Brandywine and Mendo Breath. Their Samoas strain is of equal caliber. It undoubtedly will deliver on the diverse flavors of this popular strain, as well as potentially get you higher than the clouds.

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