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RudeBoi OG Is A Powerful Strain That Will Wash Away Your Sorrows


RudeBoi OG is an extremely flavorful indica-dominant strain that has come into popularity in the last year or two. This strain straight up reeks of kush when you first open the container, which is then followed by a pleasantly fruity and floral aroma. This is a strain that can have a highly diverse smell and taste, which undoubtedly comes from its parents—Irene OG and Face Off OG. From the strong kush lineage, this strain comes packing a serious punch that’s fit for any cannabis connoisseur. Archive Seeds made some serious magic happen to create this cultivar.

Looking at any specimen of this flower you’ll notice a colorful assortment, typically exhibiting deep greens with purple lying menacingly underneath. The pistils take on more of an earthy orange color to offer perfect color contrast. Trichomes coat the inside and outside of the nugs, with THC percentages typically dipping over 20%; if you’re a numbers person.

Powerful, flavorful notes hit your tastebuds right away with RudeBoi OG. The gassy stench of it will throw you off at first. Because once you crack open a nug, you get hit with an intense spicy sweetness that has herbal notes. The main three terpenes in this strain are caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene. This explains the spicy sweetness hidden within the strong kush scent. This would also lend an explanation to the high this strain gives off.

You’d think with its indica leaning genetics that it would blast you with a relaxing high. On the contrary, the high amounts of caryophyllene in this strain actually make it extremely energizing at first. It’ll have your mind racing as it’s simultaneously getting you too high to move. The medical benefits of this strain include utter bodily relaxation, to the point of reaching somewhere sublime. Pain, stress, and depression can potentially wash away when you’re in the gentle caress of Rudeboi OG.

Find RudeBoi OG At Diamond Green

Cedar Creek Cannabis, a shop favorite, produces a highly reputable offering of this tasty strain. You can find it at Diamond Green for only $12 a gram. Be careful how much you smoke in one sitting unless you consider yourself a pro.

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