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Romulan Strain: A Spacey Delight That Tastes Like Gassy, Peppery Pine


The Romulan strain is a popular indica among the medical community that obviously gets its name from Star Trek. Users claim this plant to have potentially pleasant therapeutic effects when smoked. With the mystique that it deserves, the Romulan strain comes from crossing an unknown North American Indica with White Rhino. The smell is classically musky, with pleasing spicy and piney undertones. Many phenos of the Romulan are floating around, but they usually all boast the same potential for body-melting effects. 

Looking at the Romulan strain, you’ll notice some green and yellow coloration underneath a worrisome amount of trichomes. Light green leaves contrast properly with hazy orange pistils. Breaking a nug open, the stench of spicy pinecones dipped in gasoline slaps you across your face. The nugs themselves are very dense, but still, retain a certain fluffiness if that makes sense. Romulan isn’t super dark in coloration like many other indica-dominant plants, but it still has short and fat nugs that come with potent flavor. 

The dominant terps in the Romulan strain are myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene. This would explain its overarchingly gassy scent that comes coupled with peppery pine. Each of these terpenes is said to potentially contribute to relaxation, calmness, and sedation in one way or another. Medical users undoubtedly found this out and now seek this strain for its strong potential to produce anti-inflammatory effects. Recreational users enjoy the spacey cerebral high that might grab hold tightly of you after a few too many rips. 

For beginners, the Romulan strain might be a little extreme to dive right in to. Those suffering from chronic body pain, insomnia, overwhelming stress, and anxiety might truly enjoy smoking on some Romulan. 

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