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The Purple Punch Strain Is Granddaddy Purple’s Favorite Offspring

Image by @TwoBeltJournalism

In the last couple years the Purple Punch strain has become a staple for many growers in Washington state. This powerfully sedating indica-dominant strain is the offspring of a beauteous union between Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple. The result is a thoroughly potent flower that reeks of a mixture of a doughy blueberry treat, sugary grapeness, and a couple packs of Kool-Aid. Granddaddy Purple would be more than proud.

When you look at one of the plants you’ll notice a trichome-laden blanket coating each of the colas. The subtle purple you’ll see under the vibrant green when you crack a nug open will fill your nostrils with an intoxicating aroma. Much of this scent comes from the famous Granddaddy Purple parent. Granddaddy Purps came around in the early 2000s from California by crossing Purple Urkle and Big Bud. This strain became a sought after go-to for those seeking a strong indica. Naturally it began getting crossbred with other popular genetics in the same way that the Girl Scout Cookies strain has, and thus, Purple Punch was born.

Largely thought of as a dessert strain, this is the perfect strain to roll up in a joint or blunt after dinner. Users will notice a seamless sedation that is characteristic of the Granddaddy Purple lineage. A pleasant euphoria will creep up as the high takes over your body and winds it down. A little too much of this strain to the dome may give you the one-two punch you need to pass out for the night.

There are several options for this indica-rich strain at Diamond Green. Check out our full menu to explore other strains that are born from “purple” genetics. Below is a list of the different forms of cannabis creations we currently carry for the popular strain.

Purple Punch at Diamond Green

The Purple Punch Strain Is Granddaddy Purple’s Favorite Offspring
Image via Rocket Cannabis Website
  • Purple Punch by Rocket Cannabis ($10/g)
  • Purple Punch by Black Label Cannabis ($14/g)
  • Purple Punch Loud Resin by Refine ($45/g)
  • Purple Punch Resin by Mother Earth Farms ($35/g)

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