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5 Premium Concentrates To Treat Yourself With On New Year’s Eve


2020 has been a chaotic year for everyone. While we may be spending this New Year’s Eve in the comfort of our own homes, we can still make the best of our experience as we anxiously await the arrival of 2021. This NYE is the perfect occasion to splurge on some luxury goods and try out some of our high-end extracts. Fortunately, Diamond Green has a wide selection of premium concentrates on our menu for all you classy dab lovers.

Each product included on this list is varies completely from the other concentrates, offering a diverse product line-up. The brands included are high-quality, reputable, and extracting in clean and innovative ways. We guarantee that any dabber will find something for them on this list. Check out our menu to see the strains we offer for these products and our daily deals on extracts.

5 High-End Concentrates You Need To Try Before 2021

Mad Mark: Live Resin

Mad Mark has always been a consistent brand in Washington State, gaining a cult following in the process. This brand is not only known for the red-eyed Mr. Yuck face featured on the label but the high-quality flower that leaves an impression. Mad Mark has recently expanded its product line-up to include live resin extracts. If you have been a fan of Mad Mark in the past, we think it’s worth checking out this premium concentrate.

Seattle’s Private Reserve: Terp Diamonds

This is a very special product that will truly give you an immaculate experience. Seattle Private Reserve is one of the most trusted providers of luxury cannabis in Washington State, offering a desirable lineup of premium flower and extracts. This extract is distilled to a 99.9% purity and then is distilled a second time to ensure the product is as pure as possible. The Terp Diamonds are filled with exquisite flavors and aromas, giving the consumer the truest experience within an extract.

Crystal Clear: Distillate

If you are someone who prefers their extracts to be transparent and high in THC content, this is the product for you. Looking at the product, you will notice how pale the extract is. The faint yellow hue of the distillate is a color that is impossible not to appreciate. Created by Northwest Cannabis Solutions, Crystal Clear’s distillate averages at about 94% THC content per gram and may provide a quick route to a strong cerebral high.

Fireline Cannabis: Diamonds and Sauce

If we had to add another diamond product, Fireline’s Diamonds and Sauce is definitely worth mentioning. Rather than using cured resin for the diamond mining process, Fireline Cannabis uses Live Resin, creating much more flavorful crystals. The terpenes removed through the extraction process are readded into the “sauce” that the diamonds are resting in. This product is sure to make for a high quality and tasty dab.

Sitka: Hashteroidz

This product is definitely not for the faint of heart. Hashteroidz are nuggets of bud and hash that are coated in CO2 Distillate. If you are a hash lover, this product might be great for you to either use in moderation or as an additive to other products. Produced by Sitka, an authentic Middle Eastern hashish company, Hashteroidz contain 5310% THC, making them around 57 times stronger than the average dab. Not only is this extremely high in THC content, but hash products are also extremely high in terpene presence. The flavors and potentially strong effects of this unique product make these Hashteroidz an interesting buy.

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