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Try Any Of These 3 Pre-Rolls On Your Next Hike In Washington

Photo by Dyllyn Greenwood

The weather in Washington has finally taken a turn towards the warmer time of the year. There’s some unwritten code in the genetics of all Washingtonians to escape to the forests, mountains, and beaches the minute the sun shows its face around May. Somewhere also in that code is to get high as all get-out along the way. We believe in this silent calling deep down in our bones to get closer to the clouds and trees by smoking them and blowing a few ourselves.

If you’re embarking on a day (or a few) of connecting with nature via hiking or camping, ease-of-use is a factor to consider. With the bevy of cannabis companies producing pre-rolls in our fine state, you have a lot of options.

The strains you smoke while out on an adventure need to be energizing, as well as spiritually invigorating. For this reason, we’ve come up with three potent pre-rolls you can find at our humble shop. Check out our Live Menu to stay in the loop for product availability.

3 Pre-Rolls That Will Amplify Your Next Hike


Rude Boi OG 8-Pack by From The Soil

For $25 you can grab an 8-pack of one of my favorite strains currently. There’s something about this indica-dominant hybrid that gets you the right kind of mental and body high that endorses creativity. If you’re out hiking with friends and want to relax for a minute and chat about the universe, this is a great strain to make that happen. From The Soil utilizes seriously hands-on approaches to growing too that will never leave you unhappy with what you get in the pack.

Alaskan Thunderfuck Infused Pre-Roll by Legit Cannabis

Legit Cannabis Co. is rapidly rising in the 502 market for their clean burning infused pre-rolls. They have a roster of classic, yet potent genetics that all do the trick rather nicely. Alaskan Thunderfuck is a legendary sativa strain that will put a rev in your engine. ATF has a creeper quality, that amounts to a palpable euphoric high that will have you appreciating the beauty of nature.

Acapulco Gold 5-Pack by Willie’s Reserve

Try Any Of These 3 Pre-Rolls On Your Next Hike In WashingtonAnother classic strain that is known to give you ample psychoactive effects is Acapulco Gold. This strain has a sweet, earthy, and gassy flavor that will make you rightwise intune with the earth. Willie’s Reserve is Willie Nelson’s official cannabis brand, and they sell a 5-pack of pre-rolls of this laudable sativa strain that will last you for the whole hike and maybe even the ride home.

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