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Pink Lemonade Strain: A Refreshing Citrus Treat That Might Brighten Your Day


The Pink Lemonade strain is an interesting and flavorful sativa-dominant hybrid. It comes brimming with fruity menthol aromas and a vivid tartness upon closer inspection. A gorgeous cultivar, this strain might be your best friend for taking the edge off. Toking on some of this strain throughout your day could potentially make mundane tasks more tolerable. This strain has become a favorite on the West Coast for potentially keeping any day sunny and electrifyingly sweet.

Gazing at some of the nugs from the Pink Lemonade strain, you’ll notice some brilliant coloration. The foliage has a royal green color to it that’s accented elegantly by bronze-like pistils jutting out. On the nose, you’ll pick up notes of minty lemons and tart herbaceousness. Breaking a nug apart will reveal a deeper fruity aroma that has hints of pepper and earth. The nugs are still a more slender conal shape while displaying a decadent layer of trichomes on its surface. 

Pink Lemonade’s dominant terpenes are ocimene, pinene, and myrcene. Ocimene is rarely a dominant terpene in a strain and has an overall minty aroma too. This terpene might contribute to anti-inflammatory effects. Pinene is rich in outdoorsy pine notes and may also have strong anti-inflammatory properties. Lastly, myrcene can be sweet while still potently musky and offer potential calming and uplifting effects.

Smoking on some of the Pink Lemonade Strain will be tart, strong, and have a grapefruit-like taste on the exhale. Overall, Pink Lemonade is a great choice for users seeking a potential break from monotony and stressful thoughts. Smokers dealing with depression might find this strain to bring a little sunshine into their day.

Find The Pink Lemonade Strain At Diamond Green

Pioneer Nuggets is one of the trusted and passionate brands that we carry on our shelves at Diamond Green. Their Pink Lemonade is to die for, showing off all of the attractive colorations on the foliage and tantalizingly tart flavors you hope for in a cut of this strain.

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