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Harvard Study Finds Flavonoids From Cannabis May Treat Pancreatic Cancer

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There have been ongoing breakthroughs in the scientific and medical world when it comes to treating cancer with cannabis. For years cannabis has been given to cancer patients for various reasons ranging from therapeutic to medical. The most recent breakthrough has been with pancreatic cancer via Harvard’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in their recently published journal Frontiers of Oncology.

Of all the cancers plaguing America, pancreatic cancer is only three percent. Despite this, it has a low survival rate of less than eight percent within a five-year span. By 2020, it’s been predicted to be the second leading cause of cancer-related death, per Yahoo Lifestyle. The new journal from Dana-Farber sheds light on a positive new treatment involving flavonoids derived from cannabis.

Cannabis Flavonoids May Quell Pancreatic Cancer

FBL-03G is a drug made from a cannabis “flavonoid” (a compound that can be found in any plant, fruit, or vegetable.) Flavonoids have recently been found to boast anti-inflammatory qualities that are making some cannabis strains that much more therapeutic. While the Harvard researchers were testing FBL-03G on some of their most severe cancers they found the results to be substantial.

Through tumor-targeted delivery of flavonoids derived from cannabis, it enabled both local and metastatic tumor cell kill. This significantly would increase survival from pancreatic cancer, which is currently quite refractory to current therapies. Additionally, this is the first study to demonstrate new potential treatments for pancreatic cancer. According to Wilfred Ngwa, PhD, the drug seems capable of attacking other cancer cells aside from those contributing to pancreatic cancer.

Overall the breakthroughs made by Harvard’s Dana-Farber Institute are enough to switch on a light of hope in a dark room. If flavonoids from cannabis can attack other cancer cells successfully this could set the stage for new research and treatment that could yield phenomenal results.

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