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The Luxurious Orange Cake Strain Will Sweeten Up The End Of Your Day

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Those looking for a lazy way to enjoy the end of winter or a general weekend will love the Orange Cake strain. This strain is an indica dominant hybrid featuring powerful concentrations of Caryophyllene and Myrcene. Its fruity smell may remind users of sativa strains. Conversely, this indica boasts a citric flavor that interweaves with earth and pepper to bring a full-bodied experience. 

Orange Cake is an excellent strain for blowing off plans. Whether you woke up too late for an appointment, or want to skip out on a social event, Orange Cake will keep you happy. Find a seat in front of the TV, enjoying your evening at home. The head high from this strain packs a thick atmosphere that leaves you sprawled out and ready to listen. 

Los Angles, California based Ionic Labs offers an excellent Orange Cake vape cartridge. Their Flower Team handpicks every batch of flower that they use to ensure Ionic cartridges are of the highest caliber. Although this is a luxury product, their 1 gram carts are on sale right now at Diamond Green for $36, 10% off their normal $40 price. The vape is accessible, small-batch, and clean. 

Quality cannabis makes the difference and Ionic’s Orange Cake cartridge shows off that fact. The lineage of this strain includes Mimosa, California Orange, and Orange Ade. Its flavor is among one of the best on the market, and its hit is consistently crisp. 

Due to the nature of the strain, this vape is easy to conceal in public, although it’s only advisable before events like a movie. Don’t bring this product to an amusement park, unless you’re trying to enjoy standing in line. Easy to maneuver on, Orange Cake is a strain for the connoisseur and a great place for the uninitiated to start. 

The Luxurious Orange Cake Strain Will Sweeten Up The End Of Your Day

Find The Orange Cake Strain At Diamond Green

Half gram disposable vaporizers of the Orange Cake strain by Ionic Labs are available at Diamond Green for $36. These devices feature a sleek design and offer convenience especially for those who are destined to go somewhere cannabis is prohibited. All of Ionic Labs’ vape is triple distilled to ensure excellence, and their elevated experience is impossible to fake.

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