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Mt. Baker Gardens: Three Potent Sativa Strains You Need To Try


Mt. Baker Gardens is responsible for some of the most popular cannabis flower sold at Diamond Green. These 2014 Dope Cup People’s Choice winners for best flower have been consistently producing high quality indoor and sun-grown cannabis to Washington’s legal market. Their name ironically came before they inevitably set up their farm in the shadow of Mt. Baker. 

Mt. Baker’s flower is one of the more potent, yet competitively priced products that customers have come to know and love for the past six years. They are usually working with a healthy roster of cultivars that boast diverse terpene profiles and potentially therapeutic or enjoyable effects. 

Through their abilities to utilize sun-grown, and indoor growing techniques at their expansive grow, they’re truly able to produce delicious cannabis without the hefty price tag. Below you’ll find a few of the current sativa-dominant strains that we’re carrying from Mt. Baker Gardens.

Popular Mt. Baker Gardens Strains At Diamond Green


The Candyland strain is definitely a super flavorful cultivar worth trying. A sativa-dominant hybrid that comes from crossing Granddaddy Purple with Bay Platinum Cookies, it firmly delivers on flavor. Dusted in sugary-sweet trichomes, this strain might be useful for quelling chronic body pain and any compounding stress. This strain might be great for when you can go be social again without having to worry about COVID-19.

White Fire

The White Fire strain, also known as WiFi OG, is a serious hitter. This strain might come to collect on engaging and uplifting cerebral highs. By crossing The White with Fire OG you end up with this musky, citrusy strain that might light you up to get the creative juices flowing. It might also be great for easing any anxiety, depression, or appetite loss you may be feeling.

Lemon Sorbet Birthday Cake

Mt. Baker Gardens’ Lemon Sorbet Birthday Cake strain is a cross between Bubblegum Kush and Vishnu Kush. This sativa-dominant hybrid will never disappoint you on cakey and lemony terps. The high that follows a few puffs might stimulate the senses and potentially help with appetite loss. Beware of the intense body high that might come from smoking an excessive amount.

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