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Score 20% Off Premium Cannabis At Diamond Green This Mother’s Day

Featured Image by Dyllyn Greenwood

Today is a special day to celebrate your mother. It’s also a great day to score some killer deals on cannabis at Diamond Green. Take the time this Sunday to relax with your family and soak up the familial spirit. You’ll fall deep into these loving vibes with some quality cannabis products. Even though Mother’s Day is celebrated at different times all around the world, it always falls on May 12th in the US. We thought it would be a great excuse to give our customers some sweet deals.

Anna Jarvis ran the campaign to get Mother’s Day on the calendar after the passing of her mother in 1905. She had been a peace activist who lent care to wounded soldiers of both sides in the Civil War. Mother’s Day Work Clubs also saw creation from Anna, that she felt were necessary for addressing public health issues. The other item that’s great for addressing the public’s health issues is sticky, stinky weed.

Cannabis has actually seen a lot of scientific research lately linking it to several therapeutic properties. Cannabis can potentially aid in reducing anxiety, depression, and even boost creativity. These cannabis products are even go-to items for customers ages 35-65+ that have been naturally helping them find relief.

Throughout all of Mother’s Day, Diamond Green will be selling the following potent products for 20% off. Stop in while supplies last, and scope our Live Menu for updates on new products. Also, don’t forget to have a look at our vendor days this month to find out when you can score more sweet deals. Go hug your mama today!

Diamond Green’s 20% Off Mother’s Day Sale

Mad Mark Cannabis (1g and 3.5g)

Catapult Coffee by Fairwinds

Kronic Tonic Tinctures

Emerald City Organics .5g Cartridges

Honu Lotion

Deluge 1g Hash

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