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Come Talk To Mother Earth Farms At Diamond Green This Friday!


From within the cozy Olympic Mountains in Port Angeles, Mother Earth Farms is cultivating cannabis on an intimate level. They began their endeavors towards making a name for themselves in Washington state back in 2013. They’ve since gone on to curate a top-tier roster of strains that boast recreational and medical benefits for consumers around the state.

Using their state-of-the-art greenhouses they make the most of their custom-built facility. They’re continuously working to improve the quality of their strains and phenotypes while simultaneously honing their skills processing their flower and extracts. Their crew are all true weed enthusiasts that are notorious perfectionists when it comes to producing potent product. You can find their products at nearly 20 different stores around Washington.

Currently, Mother Earth Farms is working with a roster of seven key strains. These include UW, Donkey Butter, Purple Punch, CinnApple, Lemon Meringue, Jackdawg, and Super Lemon haze. These strains vary from popular to the tried and true genetics to offer a solid spectrum for anyone from novice level to cannabis connoisseur.

This coming Friday they will be visiting our humble store in Tacoma for a sweet vendor day. As usual, during the time of our vendor day you can come in and learn more about the way their farm produces their array of dependable products. Additionally, you can also score a friendly 20% off of any of their products during their visit. We run this kind of sale every vendor day!

CinnApple by Mother Earth Farms

One of the unique strains from Mother Earth Farms is their CinnApple. This terpene-rich specimen comes from the fusion of Super Lemon Haze and Lemon Meringue. One whiff and you’ll notice extremely pungent notes of apple cider, with a spicy cinnamon after tone. This is the kind of sativa dominant strain that you can smoke to enhance any outdoor activities.

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