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How To Properly Microdose Edibles Plus Three Product Recommendations


Microdosing edibles is an excellent strategy for those who are sensitive to cannabis. Cannabis is a psychedelic substance, although that is a commonly overlooked attribute of the medicine. Due to its psychedelic nature, it’s necessary to make sure not to be overwhelmed.  

Edibles are often high dosage, and with long times to activate averaging around an hour and a half, it’s easy to overdo it. Patients looking to get into microdosing with cannabis edibles should either eat a small amount of a high dosage edible or ideally buy products with a lower potency. 

There is no direct definition for what is and isn’t microdosing, but common dosages include potencies between 1-5MGs of THC and CBD. For those with higher tolerances to cannabis, microdosing can include amounts as high as 10 MG. Microdoses have been proven to reduce the pain of cancer patients, while greater dosages made them more sensitive. Additionally, THC has been found to reduce anxiety in lower dosages, but to increase it when taken in higher concentrations. 

This mellow method of medicating has been proven to be as effective as higher dosages in treating pain. From relief to anxiety and physical pain, microdosing cannabis is a responsible way to treat everyday conditions. It’s unobtrusive to the lives of patients and those surrounding them. Microdosing with edibles is more controllable and presents fewer health risks than traditional methods of cannabis consumption, such as smoking. Finding the right dose varies from person to person, so it takes trial and error, but it’s well worth it. Start small, be patient, and work up. 

Here are three excellent choices available at Diamond Green today. Make sure to check our live menu for more options! 

2:1 Lemon Relaxation Blend (200mg CBD/100mg THC) by Zoots

With a flavor profile boosted by lemon, chamomile, and green tea, this relaxation blend is a tasty way to control your dosage. This product is potent enough in a few drops to have effects, so start with a low amount like three, and see how it affects you. The Blend succeeds as a product in itself and can be enjoyed alone, but it’s also an outstanding addition to tea or any other beverage of choice. 

AM Relief Capsules (70mg CBD/20mg THC/50mg THCA) by Fairwinds

For those who hate the taste of cannabis, or who are looking for a consistently controlled dosage, Fairwinds’s AM Relief Capsules are the way to go. With the moderate dosages of 7mg CBD / 2mg THC / 5mg THCA per capsule, this product rarely overwhelms. Additionally, as it is a cannabis oil capsule, there is barely a taste. It’s simply swallowed and then released through the body. This product is particularly useful for matured people getting into cannabis for the first time. 

10 MG Sour Grape Gummies by Magic Kitchen

Sour gummies are a god of cannabis edibles and an easy way for practically anyone to get into edibles whether microdosing or not. Eating half of a 10 MG gummy would be hard because of how delicious they are. Magic Kitchen’s gummies are a top-seller in Washington. However, if you want to play it safe, cut the gummy into fourths, and eat a quarter to get a delicious serving of 2.5 MGs of THC and CBD. 

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