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Learn More About MFused And Their Array Of Tasty Cartridges


One of the most reliable, and reasonably priced brands we carry at Diamond Green is MFused. This brand fully began production in 2017 upon completing their extraction facility in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. From this facility they produce some of the most tasty extractions in the i502 market. This brand came into the game pre-2010 offering their consulting services to the medical industry, and has been only making big moves since.

Today they have a flagship line of concentrates available in CCell cartridges in both half and full grams. The extraction process they use allows for full cannabinoid and terpene retention, so that means big flavor every time. What you get from MFused is pure cannabis oil every time, with no additives or glycol ever used. Here are the three types of cartridges you can find from these folks at Diamond Green. Be sure to check our menu on Leafly for any new products from MFused.

Learn More About MFused And Their Array Of Tasty CartridgesCO2 Oils

The flagship concentrates from MFused utilize a cutting-edge “Supercritical CO2 Extraction” technology that provides the cleanest oils every time. The full-spectrum therapeutic effects of the flower are more prominent through this process to give a longer high, and more flavor. With this style of extraction, they’re trully offering the user a whole-plant profile in a vape cartridge.

THC Distillate

Learn More About MFused And Their Array Of Tasty CartridgesThis is the most powerful form of extraction currently on the market. The highly purified distillates from these guys boast some of the highest THC percentages that don’t sacrifice flavor. Their exclusive distillation process retains the natural full-plant profile which includes flavor and flagrance. They re-infuse the original terpenes with their distillates to give a unique natural flavor and incredible high.

High CBD

CBD is all the rage these days for good reason—it’s helping save lives! CBD has been scientifically proven as of late to help reduce seizures, as well as potentially kill certain types of cancer. Using their whole-plant process, they offer a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio cartridge that enhances the full spectrum effect and empowers the user with a clear mind.

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