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Learn About MFUSED’s Non-Profit Organization—”MFUSED Cares”

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MFUSED began operating out of the medical side of cannabis before anyone really even knew what was going on. Theirs is a legacy in the medical field consulting for companies, as well as being one of the pioneers of extraction in Washington. After opening shop in Georgetown in 2005, they built a name for themselves in medical cannabis from 2009-16. This is all way before extraction companies and cartridges were even considering the idea of formation.

You’ll never find vegetable glycerine, additives, or propylene glycol in an MFUSED cart. Utilizing Co2 and Hydrocarbon extraction they’re able to produce a clean product that’s full of flavor. As a result, MFUSED carts can retain and accentuate the naturally distinctive flavors and therapeutic attributes of cannabis. In addition to their potent cannabis oil cartridges brimming with terpenes and THC, they also produce a strong CBD blend, laudable oil for dabbing, and infused pre-roll joints.

Knotty is the cannabis celebrity and extraction engineer heading the laboratory operations at MFUSED. By using extra gassy starting material such as flower from Fire Bros. or Freddy’s Fuego, Knotty prides himself as being able to create “head stash connoisseur-grade oil.” As a company, they’re also highly invested in helping the local community with some of their profits.

Learn About MFUSED's Non-Profit Organization—"MFUSED Cares"


MFUSED also has an operational non-profit medical co-op organization that donates to patients in need—”MFUSED Cares.” At the end of every fiscal year they take 5% of their profits and directly donate to two charities. On their website they express their sickening towards the commercialization of the cannabis industry and all of the big business that’s trying to slide in and capitalize. They pledge to stay true to their medical background and inclusive spirit when it comes to freeing the herb.

Half of the proceeds go into their non-profit organization, the other half is chosen by their customers. Once customers vote on the second charity, MFUSED donates equally to both. By utilizing their social media and website to get customers to vote, they’re engaging the community in a positive manner.  They’re truly encouraging the family-like way the cannabis community used to operate in the medical days to find its niche in the modern landscape of legal cannabis.

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