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Get 20% During Our May Vendor Days And Chat With An Industry Pro

Image from Millennium Extracts

The month of May is a beacon of change in the season, as well as host to some interesting holidays. You have May Day, May the 4th be with you, Cinco de Mayo, and Mother’s Day. Additionally, if you live in the Tacoma-area you’ll notice the nice shift in weather this past week to add to really enhance the mood. What also really enhances the mood is some fire cannabis, and the creators of it in our store to educate you about it.

Our May vendor days include two brands that create super potent cannabis concentrates. If you personally have any questions about the inter-workings of extracting cannabis oil to create delicious dabs—this is your opportunity of a lifetime. Any other questions you have about cultivating cannabis can potentially get an answer while stopping in during one of our upcoming May vendor days. The brands we curate at our store are big and small, and can offer a wealth of insight that may help you find your foot in the door of the cannabis industry.

During any of the May vendor days we’ll have 20% off any of the products from the visiting producer/processor. Vendor days in aweek timee slot happen typically from 3-6pm. If they happen to be visiting our store on a weekend you can come in and ask questions from the 11-12pm window. Find out below if your favorite cannabis brand is visiting our humble store in downtown Tacoma this month.

May Vendor Days At Diamond Green

Get 20% During Our May Vendor Days And Chat With An Industry Pro

5/10 Millennium Extracts

5/17 Cedar Creek

5/24 Interstellar Concentrates

5/31 Mother Earth Farms

Before you stop into our shop, take a moment to look over our Live Menu for any updates on products. We’ll be running the above deals on the products mentioned while supplies last.

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