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The Pungeant Maui Wowie Strain Is One Of The Most Classic Sativa Landrace Strains


The Maui Wowie strain is so popular and has been circulating so long that everyone knows its name. This tropical sativa hitter comes straight from the volcanic soil of Hawaii. Eventually, it made its way across the entire world. As a landrace strain, the Maui Wowie was naturally growing off the shores of Hawaii and has no parent genetics. Much like Acapulco Gold and Hindu Kush, the strain was named after its indigenous area. Sweet and sour pineapple flavors swirl together to create a potentially euphoric high that supercharges you with energy.

Looking at some of the Maui Wowie strain, you’ll notice fluffy, light nugs and summery green hues. Highlighter-orange pistils jut out to offer an aesthetically pleasing contrast. The nugs are long and thin in that classic sativa fashion, sparkling from the sticky trichome coverage. Floral and piney aromas will be coming from it quite loudly with a subtle hint of spice. Breaking a nug apart, you’ll pick up more of the cheesy musk that has an almost minty and fruity resolve. 

The effects of the Maui Wowie strain don’t necessarily match the dominant terpenes in it. Usually myrcene, alpha-pinene, and beta-caryophyllene lend to blissful and muscle-relaxing highs. In the case of Maui Wowie though, they seem to ramp up a potentially motivating and active high.

Maui Wowie by Suspended Brands

Limonene is usually a dominant terp in a potentially energizing strain like this. Somehow though, the potential relaxing qualities of myrcene, and the anxiety relief of alpha-pinene, and the anti-inflammatory qualities and buzzing high from beta-caryophyllene work perfectly.

Smoking on some of the Maui Wowie strain, it will hit you with tangy peppery flavor that immediately goes to your head. The high might take over quick, making you feel lightweight and ready for action. In the same fashion that this strain came from the sun, the high it gives may take you there as well. Those looking for potentially creative boosters or a midday smoke to keep your spirits up, the Maui Wowie strain might be your go-to.

Find The Maui Wowie Strain At Diamond Green

Suspended Brands currently supplies our shelves with a potent offering of the Maui Wowie. At over 20% THC, this strain might take you straight into the sky as we enter the summertime in Tacoma. An eighth is currently running for only $25, and you can easily place your order online for pickup to speed things up and maintain social distancing.

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