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Staff Q&A—Mark Is One Of Diamond Green’s Go-To Budtenders


The people we hire at Diamond Green are true cannabis advocates and sometimes we’re even their first formal step into the cannabis industry. We pride ourselves in finding enthusiastic and inquisitive new employees with budding ideas about cannabis we can help flourish. Mark is one of our budtenders that has rapidly filled his brain to the brim with ample intel on the best products at Diamond Green.

Mark came to us on favorable referral from an existing employee with a strong retail background, and has more than proven himself as an essential member of our team. Learn more about Mark’s journey to starting his career in cannabis with Diamond Green below.

What Lead You To Working In The Cannabis Industry?

Mark told me about his time spent in college working 40+ hours a week amidst a full class load. The mental and physical strain lead him to acquiring his medical card several years ago. During his collegiate period Mark truly found his love of cannabis. After a stint of remedial retail work at Fred Myer grocers he took up a job at a smoke shop in Fife and got a little closer to the doors of Diamond Green. After a friend told him about a job opportunity he quickly rose to the occasion and has been happily part of our staff ever since.

How Long Have You Worked At Diamond Green?

After being given the opportunity to elevate his cannabis knowledge and status in the industry, Mark has become a favorite amongst our regular clientele. He’s called Diamond Green home for almost two years now and we couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to see him grow.

What Are Your Go-To Goodies At Diamond Green?

Much like many current cannabis connoiseurs, Mark is a big fan of taking dabs. He highlighted Doc Croc shatters as being his hands-down favorite when it comes to dabs readily available on the shelves at Diamond Green.

Staff Q&A—Mark Is One Of Diamond Green's Go-To BudtendersFor his favorite flower of choice, Mark said he’s been reaching for strains from Doghouse Farms lately for big smoke and ample flavor. Doghouse is a popular staff-favorite when it comes to consistently terpene-rich buds for bongs or sticky joint rolling.

Staff Q&A—Mark Is One Of Diamond Green's Go-To BudtendersAfter a long day working on his feet Mark made note of Fairwind’s Flow CBD Gel being a great topical treatment to wind down. Fairwinds makes a myriad of THC and CBD infused products that you don’t need to smoke in order to achieve maximum relaxation.

Staff Q&A—Mark Is One Of Diamond Green's Go-To Budtenders

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