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Meet Your Favorite Brands During Diamond Green’s March Vendor Days!


The sun is finally starting to show its face and it’s feeling a little less like winter. Time to bust out all the heady sativas and hit the streets or hit the trail. Either way, Spring is nearly upon us and there are already a lot of reasons to get out of the house this month. Several of which include killer deals during informative vendor days at your friendly local weed store, Diamond Green. Don’t forget about St. Patrick’s Day coming up as well! We’ll have a fun Saint Paddy’s Day inspired strain list coming your way before the holiday hits!

One of the best ways to find out the tougher questions about where your cannabis comes from is to ask the source. Vendor days are a favorable tool for cannabis brands to give and take feedback directly to their consumers. This is the time to ask any questions you’ve ever had about growing or running a cannabis business. The representative(s) that will be at our shop on behalf of their grows have a wealth of knowledge to tap. We work with brands that are both big and small, and can offer you insight into their unique growing processes.

During any of the March vendor days we will be running 20% off any of the products from the featured brand. Typical scheduling for all vendor days that happen during the week is from 3-6pm. If we’re hosting one of our vendors on a Saturday, the reps will have their booth typically from the 11-2pm window. Look below to find out if one of your favorite brands is visiting our store this month.

March Vendor Days At Diamond Green

3/8 Artizen

3/15 Swift

3/22 (Still Open)

3/29 Lifted Cannabis Co.

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