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Learn More About The Crazy Cannabis Concoctions From Mammoth Labs


Mammoth Labs is a cannabis concentrate brand operating under the umbrella of Grow Bros out in Ellensburg, WA. Though they’ve only been in the game for a short amount of time, these folks are already establishing themselves for their deliciously terpene-rich concentrates. We couldn’t be happier to tell you more about this newer brand on our shelves.

Mammoth Labs utilizes hydrocarbon extraction methods to produce extremely clean concentrates. We’re talking terpenes typically at or over 10%. This is no joke. Some of their noteworthy extractions include Summer Breeze, Cheddar Head, Erk, and Mind Fiesta. Have a gander at this Cherry Pie Death Star below and look for more gooey treats like this from Mammoth Labs on our Leafly menu which is updated daily.

All of the concentrates at Mammoth come from the Grow Bros. Farm also out in Ellensburg. Grow Bros is a tier-3 producer-processor that operates on a gorgeous 42-acre piece of property hidden away 10 miles Northeast of Ellensburg. Their team cultivates some of the tastiest strains utlizing indoor and outdoor methods depending on the season. Ellensburg gets a crazy amount of sun during the summer, which have led Mammoth to some highly substantial yields. Mostly all of their harvests get made into tons of sweet, sweet oil. Very recently they’ve been starting to produce other products such as infused pre-rolls.

Mammoth Labs and Grow Bros. are arguably cannabis pioneers in Kittitas County, which is notorious for being anti-cannabis. The County Commissioner even went on record asserting that legal cannabis wasn’t a smart choice for Kittitas County. For this reason many cannabis farms in the county are being pushed deeper into more rural locales to work within tight water and zoning laws. These stigmas and constraints don’t seem to have a single impact on the operations of Mammoth Labs and Grow Bros.

The facilities for Mammoth and Grow Bros. is like a secret eden of dank smells tucked away down a primitive and unmanicured road after you pass a green fence. The grounds look similar to any sort of construction sight you may see—a few shipping containers and custom-built structures. Little is told from the outside aside from the familiar stench of fresh plants being grown. Within this pocket of thriving cannabis production you can see stellar views of the Cascade Mountains to the west and the start to the Columbia Basin eastward.

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