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Tacoma’s Lucky Devil Farms Is Setting A Standard For Hand-Crafted And Green Grown Cannabis

Images via Lucky Devil Farms website and Instagram

Lucky Devil Farms is a family-owned and operated cannabis brand out of the Nalley Valley area of Tacoma, WA. As a local brand, our customers are more than familiar with their diverse strain roster. They cultivate creditable phenos from super popular genetics such as Gelato and Wedding Cake. Simultaneously, they’re also putting out some more unique cutting-edge genetics on the West Coast today. Completely pesticide-free, Lucky Devil Farms really take a green approach to everything they do.

Lucky Devil runs an indoor farming operation to really control the climate of their cannabis. Additionally, each day they’re diligently striving to reduce their energy footprint and conserve water usage. They take immense pride in their organic growing processes, utilizing simple care and respect to the plant that creates some of the most eye-grabbing yields in the i502 market.

Taking it one step further, Lucky Devil Farms is part of the Tacoma Power’s Energy Conservation Program. They additionally lower water usage by recycling as much as possible. This is just one of the many ways that they’re putting their best foot forward to run a truly clean operation. Their slogan is “today is your lucky day,” which seems completely valid after you see some of their environmentally friendly fire weed. We carry several of their top-performing strains at our shop. Take a moment to gaze through a few below.

Popular Lucky Devil Farms Strains At Diamond Green

Wedding Cake

Lucky Devil takes a celebrity strain to a whole new level with their Wedding Cake pheno. The spicy lemon cake nose comes out even more from their artisanal style of growing. The trichomes are bursting with cannabinoids and blissful and flavorful terps.

Animal Cookies

Animal Cookies is a cross between GSC and Fire OG that produces a seriously gassy funk with a hint of lemony sweetness. Get ready for potential highs that wash over your body and put a smile on your face before sweet sedative bliss. 

Blackberry Kush

Delicious grape and herbaceous aromas await you from the Blackberry Kush strain. You may feel a buzzing high from this mischievous indica strain that might also offer a calming relaxation that relieves stress.

Tahoe OG

The Tahoe OG strain has the potential to be a super relaxing hybrid strain with hints of zesty fruit and just the right amount of spice. This is the kind of strain that might be great for taking the edge off of a hard day. Pleasant euphoric cerebral highs might take over in a way that makes any difficult day seem tolerable.

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