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Find Out Why Liberty Reach Is BMF’s Award-Winning Cannabis Brand

Images via Liberty Reach Instagram

In the once-thriving lumber town of Raymond, WA sits the BMF (Building Maximum Freedom) tier-3 grow. Within their family of brands you’ll find Jackpot, RSO+Go, Left Coast, and Liberty Reach. Each of these brands produces either laudable flower, super potent concentrates, or both. All of the brands present within the BMF family adhere to the core tenant of personal freedom and liberty.

Through their commitment to protecting the local environment by using sustainable production practices they run a clean ship. BMF takes pride in utilizing organic systems and solar growing techniques. Out in their quiet town of Raymond, you’ll find the BMF team giving back to a local charity of the employees’ choice around Christmas time. With their facilities running on the Willapa Harbor waterfront they try to celebrate, as well as enhance the local community.

Liberty Reach is a star-player on the BMF squad for their exotic cannabis flower, CBD flower, oil, and pre-rolls. Liberty Reach even does limited releases on certain strains with god-like potency. Additionally, the “Canna-Tsu” CBD flower they produce is a favorite among our older customers for its medical benefits. Not to mention it was a Dope Cup winner for Highest Potency CBD in Washington.

Liberty Reach represents the best that the BMF brand has to offer when it comes to uncut cannabis oil and flower packed with terpenes and highly active THC. Here are a couple other popular strains from Liberty Reach that you should ask about the next time you’re at Diamond Green.

Frosted Cherry Cookies

This is a popular new strain that has a lot of the characteristics of your classic Girl Scout Cookie (GSC) strain. It comes from the crossing of Cherry Cookies and The White to produce a sweet, yet crisp flavor when you light it up. Liberty Reach’s indica-dominant offering of this strain is eager to please, and has euphoric, yet relaxing effects.

Kush Mints

This is a brand new strain that Liberty Reach got from Seedjunky genetics that’s basically a frosty terp bomb. Kush Mints came into existence by crossing Animal Mints and Bubba Kush. Be on the lookout for this strain appearing in stores sooner than later.

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