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The Lemon Cookies Strain Shows Off GSC Genetics With Serious Citrus Zest


The Lemon Cookies strain is a more sativa-leaning offering that bears the mark of a cookies cross. Lemon Haze and GSC came together favorably to create this intensely satisfying strain. Arguably the perfect balance of citrus, vanilla, and funky musk, this strain might produce a high that’s enlivening and uplifting, but not overwhelming. A few puffs of this loud strain might leave your body in a welcoming state of relaxation, and your mind up on cloud 9.

Looking at some of the Lemon Cookies strain, you’ll see some darker coloration hiding underneath its lighter exterior. It has a sativa-like look to it, showing off grassy green hues on its surface that contrast aesthetically well with the bright orange pistils. These nugs will undeniably reek of citrus when you open the bag, with a pungent gas immediately following. Sticky to the touch, the buds can be a little bit more short and fat. Breaking a nug open will blast you with more musky and fragrantly sweet and lemony terps.

There’s no lab data available to pinpoint the dominant terpenes on the Lemon Cookies strain. But, after looking at its parent strains, it’s possible there’s a presence of limonene, terpinolene, and caryophyllene. This combination of terps lends some possible explanations to the fragrant, fruity, citrusy, yet musky gas of this strain. It might also explain its ability to truly uplift the user and give them a comforting high that may soothe all of the senses.

Lemon Cookies Strain by Falcanna

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Smoking on some of the Lemon Cookies strain might be great for anyone suffering from nagging anxiety and chronic stress. When taking the first few rips, you might notice more of an herbaceous peppery spice to the smoke, with some citrusy sweet notes at the beginning. The taste that lingers on your tongue might taste like tart fruit. This strain could be a winner for a pleasant daytime smoke that takes the edge off while still promoting productivity. Find this hitter by Falcanna at our shop in Tacoma.

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