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How to Roll Your Own Joint Like A Pro With Diamond Green


The staff at Diamond Green truly comes from the culture of cannabis. Each of our budtenders knows what it’s like when you’re first starting to try out different forms of consumption. Joints specifically are one of the most convenient ways to enjoy your cannabis on the go. We all feel like being able to roll up your own joint is an essential skill in the world of cannabis.

Break Down Your Buds

What’s the deal with it? How do you get started? Well, for a beginner, you need all the tools. No, not a rolling machine, unless you really need it. Instead, get perforated filter tips, papers, a grinder, and a poker ready. Grind your selected flower down to a fine mix, probably about a half grams worth to get started. Then, follow the perforations on the filter tips to make a serviceable filter. The classic is a “w” filter, or with the paper folded three to seven times, then rolled around itself. You should see a w through the filter.

Place Your Crutch And Dump In Your Ground-Up Cannabis

After that, put it at the end of the paper, usually the left side for right-handers. The sticky part of the paper has to be facing you. Leave a little bit of the filter outside of the paper, but keep most of it inside. Dump your weed into the paper and massage it down to an even pile from the filter to the end of the paper, or a little bit before the end.

Tuck, Twist & Lick

The hardest part will be closing the joint. Grab the ends of the paper and massage the weed into a strong cylinder with some breathing space. You’ll grow a sense of what density you need over a rolling career. Once you’re satisfied, then pinch the filter against the paper and fold it over itself. One way to cheat at this is to hold the bottom half of the paper closed against the filter, and then to roll the top part over it slowly, holding it closed as you roll the paper up. This step is the most mechanically challenging part of rolling. Once you’ve got it pinched closed and rolling roll it up to the sticky part, lick it, then close it. After that, pack it down with a poker and light up! If you’re looking to buy a pre-roll pre-made, check out our online menu.

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