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Try These Three Carefully Crafted Cartridges From Harmony Farms


Harmony Farms is a company we carry at Diamond Green that seeks to create harmony in the world with their dutifully made cannabis products. Since they began in 2015, they’ve built more than a substantial name for themselves when it comes to both their flower, as well as their extractions. Their cartridges brimming with tasty oil are undoubtedly a top seller for more than a minute.

By utilizing natural and organic techniques they’re able to grow their own premium quality cannabis to then extract. Their grow team consists of those with decades of knowledge in the medical cannabis industry, organic vegetable farming, and cellular-biology.

Additionally, Harmony Farms remains highly conscientious of the environmental impact they create and constantly strives to reduce their overall footprint. They exemplify this core tenant by shooting for complete transparency in their regulation of nutrients and pesticides. This is a cannabis grower that is so in tune with the plants they grow in a way that makes them come out that much more potent. Not to mention the amount of variety they’ve made when it comes to cartridges. They’re even selling 510 thread cartridges now in addition to their typical AiroPro style.

Out of all the goods sold at our store, vaping products have seen a significant increase in popularity for their discreetness. One of the most popular of vapes is the award-winning AiroPro which we sell at the store. They offer cartridges that are CO2, as well as a distillate series, and artisan series. Within these there are options such as high-terpene blends, as well as 1:1 CBD-to-THC blends that won’t get you stoney. Below we’ve chosen three that we think are either tasty, potent, or medically helpful. Also, Harmony Farms will be visiting Diamond Green for a vendor day June 26th, so be sure to come in and say hi.

Three Commendable Cartridges From Harmony Farms

The White HTO (High Terpene Oil)

This is one of the blends from their artisan line of high terpene oils that come bursting with flavor. A reliable hybrid sure to give balance in both high and flavor, is always a great cart to smoke throughout the day without getting too foggy.

Sugar Plum (½ Gram & Full Gram)

If you’ve been buying Harmony Farms’ carts for a minute, you’ve made notice of how they were only carrying ½ grams for a bit. Thankfully, you can now purchase full grams of their fine products again! A great strain to try is the Sugar Plum, which is a heavy sativa-dominant hybrid. It has a strong tropical and earthy flavor that will energize the hell out of you.

1:1 CBD:THC CO2 Cartridge

This is one of the newer CO2 concoctions from Harmony Farms that is a lower dosage in a 1:1 form. With pure CO2 oil you’ll also have the potential to feel more of a full spectrum effect from the cannabinoids.

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