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Diamond Green’s Guide To Cannabis Topicals For 2020


While smoking, vaping, eating, and drinking cannabis are some of the most immediate and accessible ways to consume, cannabis topicals may provide equally beneficial relief. An often underrated option, cannabis topicals come in a variety of strengths for both CBD and THC. Throughout the entire human body, our endocannabinoid system (ECS) is present and receptive to any and all cannabinoids. This is also true in our largest organ, the skin. Topicals are skincare products that you apply directly to the skin or massage in for optimal effects. From lotions to salves and moisturizers, there’s an extremely wide array of uses for these types of products.

From our online menu, you can find THC-X’s Body Melt CBD Coconut Oil, Green Revolution’s Muscle Melt Rub, Ceres’s Dragon Balm Roll-On, and more. These various products all have different effects, but one thing to notice is the other active ingredients in their recipes. One to note is menthol or mint. Not only does the scent of mint have relaxing effects, but the compound itself is often cooling to the skin. Menthol is known to penetrate the muscles like in Icy Hot. Other ingredients, like camphor, work as heating agents, and so products with both often create a “hot and cold” sensation, sought after in many other sports recovery products.

Dragon Balm Deep Tissue Salve Roll-On by Ceres

Image via @ceres_garden502

Any skeptical user needs to try these products out for themselves. It’s recommended to apply cannabis topicals in increments to not overwhelm yourself (if there’s THC.) 30 seconds to a few minutes should be more than enough to allow the cannabinoids to interact with the ECS, so massage oils often present a perfect opportunity for curious couples. Patches are an excellent way for those trying to get into topicals without any oil or lotion involved. Many topicals come high in CBD and provide potential relief without any trace of psychoactive effects. Visit our online menu to learn about all of the cannabis topicals we’re currently carrying.

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