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Diamond Green Tacoma’s Official Guide To Pre-Rolls


So what’s the deal with pre-rolls? Who are they for? Well, first off, pre-rolls are for everybody. Everyone gets tired of rolling, and everyone goes on road trips. There’s a time and place for everything. Even the most veteran smokers will end up relying on pre-rolls now and then, so there’s no baggage attached to loving them. Often they can be a last-minute purchase, but with the preference towards online sales, all purchases have to be taken more seriously. How do you choose the right pre-roll for you? You should consider price, brand, and where the pre-roll was made.

Several dispensaries roll their own pre-rolls from shake and other material, but some pre-rolls are truly high-end experiences. However, for serious smokers, a $30 20 pack of Flight 9’s Atomic Blueberry is almost unbeatable. These joints rip, keep you stocked, and may even compete with cigarettes as a regular smoke. Flight 9’s Durban Poison is available at the same price, and really nothing can compete with their potential for easy to smoke camping companions. Now, Doc Croc’s $6 joints of Black Diesel are another excellent option with a bit of a smoother hit and more of a clean headspace.

Doc Croc Shatter-Infused Joints

Image via @doccroc502

Those that want to get crazy with it can step it up with Doc Croc’s $12 Indica Shatter Infused Joints, powered by kief and oil to make for a crazy unique, and potent experience. At a similar pricepoint, Sitka offers $12 pre-rolls infused with Lebanese hashish. Check out their Cascade Cream for a well-balanced hybrid or their Lebanese Gold for something a bit racier. Cultivators like Rocket Cannabis keep it comfortable by offering $40 ten packs of cultivars such as GG4 and Cake Crasher.

Shopping around is the best way to find out what you’re looking for, but the difference between Lebanese hashish infused joint, and a joint that costs less than $2 will be obvious. No product is right for everyone, but try out enough, and you’ll find something perfect for you.

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