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Energize Your Morning With The Fiery And Gassy Green Crack Strain


The Green Crack strain is probably one of the first strains you heard of that has an intimidating name. There’s a good chance you smoked this strain early on in your career and it gave you some of your first impressions of what an invigorating, buzzing high is like. Its only known parent is Skunk #1 which lends to its engaging and mysterious qualities. Some people don’t enjoy the negative connotations surrounding the name so it’s sometimes called Green Cush.

Looking at some of the Green Crack strain, you’ll see brilliantly tight nugs that have a conal shape. Vivid green hues come together with vibrant orange pistils that create an eye-grabbing appearance. Loud, tangy, zesty aromas blast you in the face in a way that widens the eyes and excites the brain. Cracking a nug open, you’ll pick up more of the floral and lemony notes that add depth to the musky gas of this strain.

Green Crack by Equinox Gardens

A closer look at the dominant terpenes of the Green Crack strain offers an interesting perspective. Its prevailing terps are myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, and limonene. The myrcene comes as kind of a surprise because this terp usually lends berry flavors and potentially comforting and sedative highs. In this case, it’s playing more of a secondary role giving off more of a floral and herbaceous aroma. The beta-caryophyllene makes sense for its peppery, spicy, energizing qualities that may also give anti-inflammatory effects. Limonene gives the strain its citrusy zest and lends to its potential anxiety-relieving and uplifting qualities.

Smoking on some of the Green Crack strain might find you lighting up quickly with a distinct focus and energy. The mental buzz of this strain may get you flying through your day with ease. A sunny day out smoking the Green Crack might set you on productive cruise control that leads to a pleasant euphoria.

Find Green Crack At Diamond Green

If you’re looking for a trichome-laden Green Crack strain, you’ll find a proper representation from Equinox Gardens. You can pick up eighths of this pungent cultivar for $40.

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