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The Grapefruit Strain Potentially Soothes Headaches And The Blues Unusually Well


While the exact lineage of the Grapefruit cannabis strain is difficult to trace, the common consensus is that it’s a mix of Cinderella 99 with a strain that possesses a potent grapefruit profile. The result of this mix is a bright-green-leafed and orange-haired strain with potentially amazing effects from migraine relief to stress relief. Grapefruit is most often a 70/30 Sativa
dominant hybrid which may be ideal for daytime use. 

Adventures, park goers, drum circle lovers, and painters alike prize this strain for the potential ability it has to help push past lingering feelings of heaviness. Loaded with myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene, Grapefruit is a tasty strain with a potentially calming and uplifting profile. The caryophyllene content serves to cushion the pinene, resulting in a burst of energy that isn’t overwhelming. Instead, this tropical strain may welcome feelings of joy and inspiration. 

Best Time To Enjoy This Strain

Considering the potentially potent cerebral effects of this cultivar, those who are prone to anxiety and paranoia after cannabis consumption may want to avoid the Grapefruit strain. It’s arguably very mellow for a Sativa. But, the effects may still be surprisingly potent to those who are unused to cannabis or uncomfortable with such a high.  Patients suffering from a lack of motivation, depression, migraines, and chronic pain could potentially have their lives transformed by this strain. Grapefruit is an excellent kick that may get you out of bed as it potentially fills the user with too much energy to sleep the day away. 

Those who love the Grapefruit strain the most are the people looking for potential sources of happiness after getting high. It may be a powerful mood booster that helps increase focus rather than leave the mind racing. Don’t expect it to cure insomnia, but trust that it may help you tend to
the day. An idyllic time to smoke this flower would be on a day off that you decide to take a hike. Colors burst and the scene may feel lucidly present.

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