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The Top-Secret G13 Strain Has A Legendary Lemony Gas That Might Send You Into Straight Euphoria


The G13 strain is one that any OG stoner is familiar with. Despite its unknown lineage, there are many secrets surrounding its origins. Legend has it, the G13 strain came from the efforts of the CIA, FBI, and other agencies breeding “super hybrids” during the late 1960s. At a secret facility at the University of Mississippi, it’s said that a technician stole away with a single cut of the strain. It’s since found its way into the hearts of stoners around the world for its pungent herbal citrus gas.

Looking at the G13 strain, it has the classic appearance of an indica hitter. Dense nugs are accentuated by earthy green coloration and thick veins of orange pistils. A furry coating of trichomes make this strain very aesthetically pleasing. On the nose, there’s a bevy of floral lemon diesel that fills any room. Snapping a nug open, you get a shot of spicier herbaceousness straight up your nose. 

The dominant terpenes in the G13 strain are myrcene, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene. This explains why many claim it to be potentially gripping. This combination of terps isn’t uncommon with potent euphoric, relaxing, and uplifting strains. The myrcene is adding some floral sweetness to the aromatics of this strain, as well as some of its potentially calming qualities. Limonene is also lending to the overall sweetness, but giving a blast of citrusy lemons and potentially stress-relieving qualities. Lastly, beta-caryophyllene gives the strain more of a spicy kick and strong potential for pain relief.

Smoking on some of the G13 strain, you might immediately feel a powerful brain blast that puts you into pure bliss. The spicier notes will come out more on the smoke, with a lemony earthiness existing on the resolve. Those looking for an ideal strain for winding down the day and battling their insomnia might find the G13 strain to be a real treat.

Find The G13 Strain At Diamond Green

At Diamond Green, we carry a proper cut of the G13 that Spady Bud cultivates. You can trust Spady Buds to deliver the strain-specific flavor you’re looking for alongside an affordable price. Ask a budtender next time you come in about other potent indica strains that are on many cannasseurs’ top tens.

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