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The Frosted Cherry Cookies Strain By Liberty Reach Is A Tart And Doughy Delight


Raymond, WA’s Liberty Reach has taken two popular strains and created something that’s on a different level of fresh and delicious. Their Frosted Cherry Cookies strain takes the delectable Cherry Cookies strain and crosses it with The White to produce a powerhouse version of the Cherry Cookies that is vibrantly coated in trichomes. You’re getting a classically potent indica strain here that will deliver results every time when it comes to sedative effects. For those seeking potential pain relief or a mechanism for winding down—this may be it.

The White has a tendency to amp up the terpene and cannabinoid profile of whatever it’s bred with. What The White usually brings to the table is upping the overall THC and lending dense trichome coverage. Liberty Reach’s Frosted Cherry Cookies strain is a prime example of some dank. When you smell it you can tell the swirl of spicy, sweet, and musky, doughy terps is going to do something magical to you. The buds have a sticky denseness to them, and the trichomes are so dense that it truly looks frosty.

If you’re just looking at the buds they don’t have the dark coloration you’d maybe expect from a rich indica strain or the bushier density that seems almost chunky. Despite the fluffier look of this cannabis, it is still true to its indica heritage in the effects it offers recreationally, as well as medically. The terpenes that seem like they could be the most prevalent in this strain are caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene. This lends to the spicy, and almost tart cake-like smell that the bud gives off.

When smoking this strain you can expect to find ample relaxation. It can be a pleasant experience for anyone looking to end a long day. The stimulating state of mellow lends with each hit will wrap itself around you like a coat and potentially make you feel insanely cozy. The sweetness from the Cookies genetics in this strain makes it a real treat. It could be the perfect dessert to put you into a food-coma comparable state.

Find The Frosted Cherry Cookies Strain At Diamond Green

We carry a large selection of strains from Liberty Reach and can vouch for the incredible terpene and THC levels they consistently cultivate. When you want to pick up an eighth of their Frosted Cherry Cookies strain, or perhaps one of their more hybrid or sativa-leaning strains, we’ve always got something for you.

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