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Five Strains For Valentine’s Day That Get The Romance Flowing


There’s no doubt about it—cannabis is sexy. There are even studies proving cannabis enriches sexual encounters for women. People of all shapes and sizes love it for its relaxing nature, sensuality, and an increased presence. Specific cannabis strains may influence your sexual experience in a number of ways. Did we mention it’s Valentine’s Day?

Some people suffering from conditions that leave them dissociated or uninvolved also love cannabis to bring them back to the bedroom. It can potentially help with pain, anxiety, or self-image can help with bedroom performance, and cannabis is an effective tool for many in alleviating all of those things. This Valentine’s Day, make sure to stock up on something to impress your boo.

From topicals to flowers, and drinkables, there is a litany of cannabis products to help get you and your partner in the mood. Ideal products vary from couple to couple, but enhanced energy and sensitivity are excellent in the bedroom.

Products that focus on sensual experience and bringing the user into their body are also ideal for this time of year such as any of our topical products. We’ve put together a list of 5 strains available at Diamond Green to make your holiday one to remember. Make sure to check our live menu to confirm your product of choice is currently in stock. 

Five Strains For Setting The Mood This Valentine’s Day

Five Strains For Setting The Mood This Valentine's Day

Duct Tape

A great amount of sex appeal is held in a name, and for those who like to live on the kinky side, Duct Tape is a winner. Its racy high is sativa-dominant and a rush to experience, but perfect for some play. With the tasty piney chocolate diesel profile, it’s a natural bedroom strain for the adventurous. Use it to impress your wild one, and to pass out with them after consummating your love.

Gelato #33 

The happy relaxation that comes from smoking Gelato #33 is one of the best ways to unwind into a date, especially after work. Mellow vibes radiate through the body after use, and a cheerful mood takes over. This strain is ideal for flirting, and a good smoke to take it slow while building up to something. At $12 a gram, this strain is a strong contender for a post-sex smoke, or a bud meant to fuel deep conversations with someone special.

Wedding Cake by Lucky Devil Farms

A strain growing in popularity for its sweet taste and uplifting effects, Wedding Cake is a fun flower to buy for a session with a special someone. Of course, the name helps sell it, but a relaxing happy nature, this potent strain only requires a few puffs before getting down to business. 

Dutch Treat by Equinox Gardens

Class up your Valentine’s Day with this strain that is supposedly very common across Amsterdam coffeeshops. Dutch Treat is an incredibly sedative strain and a perfect way to end a night of heavily involved activity. It’s a tasty strain with hints of eucalyptus. 

Purple Punch by Cedar Creek Cannabis

For dinner, a chat, some time alone, and sleep, the Purple Punch strain is a hard strain to beat. With delicious hints of grape and blueberry, its easy on the palate, and opens up users to conversation and cuddling. With a joyful atmosphere, this is the strain for those comfortable with however the night goes. 

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