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Check Out Evergreen Herbal—Creators Of Delicious And Potent Edibles


Legalization of recreational cannabis has created a wide variety in products available to consumers. Evergreen Herbal is a brand capitalizing on the growing market for edibles and vape-based products. A team of chefs and extraction scientists created this brand in 2012, and have been pushing the limits of cannabis-infused products since. They also create some traditional edibles to satisfy every customer. Our store along with most other recreational stores in Washington carry at least one of their products.

Probably their most noteworthy product is the 4.20 bar, a delicious chocolate-infused treat. It contains 10mg of THC per chocolate. They’re usually sold in singles or packages of three. Customers love these because they’re also vegan and gluten-free. Their website offers a unique option to allow customers to browse edibles based on specific allergies. Evergreen Herbal is truly taking advantage of a market that’s yet to be fully tapped.

Check Out Evergreen Herbal—Creators Of Delicious And Potent EdiblesSome of the other products these folks have made include a line of infused beverages aptly named “Stone Cold Soda.” They’ve essentially made infused sodas featuring all of your favorite classic flavors. If you’re more into sparkling water they also have a line named “Highdrate” that will quench your thirst. Other than beverages their “Saints and Sinners” line of hard-candies is a real crowd pleaser. They come in a variety of flavors such as mango and grape. Each candy is made from pure distillate and come in packages of 10 equalling 100mg of THC.

Check Out Evergreen Herbal—Creators Of Delicious And Potent EdiblesIf edibles aren’t what you’re looking for, they also have a full extraction line under the name LoudVape Concentrates. They make delectable BHO, live resin, and cartridges that produce big smoke. Check out our full menu on Leafly to find Evergreen Herbal’s wide array of edibles and concentrate products before your next visit.

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