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eTc Tacoma Is A Tastemaker Of Local Culture And Creates Fire Streetwear


It began as an idea to simply run a clothing store. Umi Wagoner and Perris Wright met in high school, both acknowledging that they both were dressed just as fresh as the other. They had the dream of opening a store and diving deeper into the world of fashion. What Umi and Perris didn’t know was that they would create something magical through their quality streetwear.

As they approach their five year anniversary, eTc Tacoma has undoubtedly become an integral part of the city’s culture. They make the freshest gear, uniquely fitted to match the flavor of the community. The brand itself, eTceTera, has clearly found its place in the heart of the people. When you scroll through their online store, more than half of their products are sold out.

eTc Tacoma Throws Monthly Events

Most recently they released the Every End Collection, which celebrates every side of Tacoma. They feel as though everybody deserves representation. On eTc’s Instagram, they expressed, “For us, the feeling is similar to the New Yorker romanticizing about their borough and how its unique features and benefits reign over every other borough…Organic pride is built into some of our psyche’s. And we have grown to learn that every city in America has its own ‘sides’ or divisions.”

Their original designs also include one that places the iconic Tacoma Dome inside of the Adidas logo. Another one riffs off of the sonics logo but with a Tac-town flair. As a city notorious for receiving mixed reviews, eTceTera repairs any negative image someone might have of the area. Their clothing will pair with anything that’s already in your closet, eTc just brings the extra oomph to your outfit. It ties you to a movement, to a celebration of a city.

To boost morale further, eTc likes to hold a monthly event of some kind. It could be an artist painting or a cypher full of rappers from across the region or even a Nipsey Hussle tribute night. They are even hosting an open mic night where you can showcase up to 10 minutes of talent.  Whatever the event is, it’s always something dope and locally grown. Make sure you follow eTc Tacoma on all social media platforms and keep those notifications on so you can be the first to know what’s going down for their fifth year anniversary on July 20th!

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