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Four Edibles At Diamond Green That Might Help You Stay Active This Summer


It’s crazy to think June is over halfway over. Summer crept up on us amidst the ongoing quarantine and the biggest civil rights movement in history. Many are finding ways to begin engaging in their summer and stay active in the Black Lives Matter movement. You don’t necessarily always want to be smoking big, stinky loud when you’re out in public. Edibles are a great alternative to finding stoney bliss while on the go and keeping discretion on full. 

Many think of edibles as the knock-out punch at the end of the day, or the after-meal treat that lays in the “I’m full” effect. Not all edibles are meant for kicking your feet up, there are many uplifting and citrusy cannabis edibles that are meant to energize. We’ve put together five edibles we carry at Diamond Green that might help you stay active this summer.

Lifted Sativa Capsules by Ceres

These soft gel capsules by Ceres are easy to take in the morning and don’t come with any flavor. With 10mg of THC in each capsule and a sativa blend of flavors, these Lifted Sativa Capsules might potentially jumpstart your day and help you stay active.

AM Relief Capsules by Fairwinds

Fairwinds has a high CBD capsule meant for AM relief that comes brimming with potentially upbeat sativa effects. Fairwinds has a bevy of tinctures and capsules that are meant to either speed up or slow down your day.

C4 Strawberry Surge Fruit Chews by Canna Burst

Canna Burst has a sativa version of their C4 Strawberry Surge Fruit Chews that come with 10mg of THC per fruit chew, equalling 100mg of THC per pack. With a burst of citrusy, fruity flavors these fruit chews might kick you into gear while out and about in the sun.

Lemon Marmas by Magic Kitchen

Citrus-smelling things are often uplifting and have an almost magical stress-relieving quality, such as perfume or a juicy orange. The Lemon Marmas by Magic Kitchen are delectable lemon-flavored gummies that might brighten your spirits. Each gummy comes with 10mg of THC to potentially help you stay active during the day.

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